Qindek goes Ginkosynthese

Tonight i went to Delft to visit Ginko synthese studios. There was a workshop on building your own modules. With a couple of nerds, a couple of beers and a whole lot of wires, i soldered myself my own multiplier. To see so much PCB boards lying around, schemes, prototypes, loose bolts and modules all over the place, i couldn’t think anything else then; this is my bar. Pubs and bars never really had my interest, but this was something else.
Was worth the goddamn 4 hour trip and a pissed off lady 😜.



Het ontstaan van ‘OGBT”!!

OGBT staat voor Ondergrondse Boventoon. Het is een iniatief uit Deventer, de stad waar ik leef. Het is ontstaan uit een simpele behoefte, het organiseren van feesten.. Wil ik het feesten noemen? Misschien doet de term ‘concert‘ of ‘opvoering‘ meer recht aan onze ambities. Kunst.

Ja, de kunst van het DJ-en. De kunst van live optreden. OGBT wil niet voor de makkelijke manier gaan, maar streeft ernaar een beleving neer te zetten. Een beleving die zowel auditief als visueel zorgt voor iets dat je mee naar huis kan nemen, iets hebt meegemaakt. Het is aan de bezoeker er de tijd voor te nemen en een mening te vormen over hetgeen hij of zij te horen & te zien krijgt.

Het eerste concept dat OGBT presenteert heet ‘Ongehoord’. Dit is een concept waar wij streven naar het neerzetten van een act die iets speciaals doet, en nog niet eerder in Nederland heeft gedaan. Iets waar men doorgaans jaren voor nodig heeft om onder de knie te kunnen krijgen. Vakmanschap noemen we dat. Het vak DJ-en of Live spelen is een ambacht. Niets meer niets minder. En het is aan OGBT om klanken van deze ambachtelijk geproduceerde platen & sets een podium te geven. Wij streven naar het weergeven van de kunst, naar het geven van een beleving. Het laten ontstaan van magie.

De eerste editie presenteert OGBT Conforce x Versalife x Silent Harbour. Geboren met de naam Boris Bunnik op Terschelling, is deze dromenvanger dagelijks bezig met het creëren van geluid, harmonie. Muziek! Op Nederlands grootste labels labels, Delsin & Clone, geeft hij muziek uit. Albums zoals Escapism & Machine Conspiracy vonden hun weg naar vele liefhebbers van electronische muziek, wereldwijd. Een nieuw album staat te trappelen op de planken van het Rotterdamse Clone, namelijk Versalife – Vantage Point. Vandaar dat wij hem hebben gevraagd om een mix te maken van wat hij zijn beste werk vindt. Geen verwachting, maar muziek.

Jackson Digga luidt de avond in. Al meer dan 10 jaar spelen we samen, wisselen we muziek uit en houden we er dezelfde passie op na; Techno. 100% vertrouwen dat hij doet wat hij het best doet. En als er nog tijd over is na Conforce, sluiten Ronnie Baxter en Qindek hem af. Daar hoef ik geen woorden voor te gebruiken.

Meer info over Ongehoord & OGBT vind je hier.

Ongehoord poster 1

Savoir Podcast Series 004 – Qindek’s Autumn Tale

Savoir Podcast series is yet to kick off with another serie of  original podcasts. This time Qindek has delivered a stunning mix of his own sounds and tracks. With releases announced on Wolfskuil & Klopfgeist, Qindek is set to flourish in 2013. And Savoir Records is proud to have him on board.

Ladies & Gents

Qindek’s Autumn Tale



Bizet Reactions Live @ 8Bahn 5yrs

Bizet Reactions will perform live for the fourth time. On november the 24th, together with Colors frontman Cinnaman & Paul Woolford (Planet E, Hotflush), we will perform  live during 8Bahn 5yrs anniversary.

I can describe the feeling i’ve got when invited back for 8bahn as delighted. On 8bahn Festival we’ve performed for the first time for them and now they invited us back for an indoor party. How brilliant?! If you havent seen or heared any footage of Bizet yet, besides from being an idiot, you should definitly come by because we’re gonna make you party harder! See the footage!

We are now busy with the setlist, and see what our maincourse for you guys will be. But one thing we can guarantee; we’re gonna rock your socks off!!


Looking forward!

Waste No Time (original mix)

Waste No Time (original mix) now for sale!

Lately i’ve gotten several questions regarding my original track ‘Waste No Time‘ and it’s availability online. All the downloadshops don’t have the full original mix of this track and many people want it.

So ive taken matter in my own hands and uploaded the track on my own bandcamp store, for you to buy & download it.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy this track!

Thank you for all your kind messages! I will def. keep on going! Your love gives me strength to continue my path of spreading music & love around the globe and into the universe!


Thomas Laurén – You Wouldn’t [TEAMOne]

Thomas Laurén - You Wouldn't

First single tracker; – You Wouldn’t – of this year from TEAMOne is coming from Dutchman Thomas Lauren.

‘’You wouldn’t’’ brings tickle on your ears and as well as your breathe by its strong and driving bass line along with deep acid techno influenced sneaky splendid beats. Find out more : download this single- tracker head cracker.

Catalogue No: TEAMone004
Release Date: released
Format: Digital on Beatport


Savoir’s Compositum X first track online!

Compositum X Front


Savoir Records present: Compositum X


Together with my studio partner Twan Sallaerts, we are Bizet Reactions. For the next compilation of Savoir Records, named; ‘Compositum X’ we did a remix for MiaMia’s The Branches and the Frogs. This is a piece of music not for the dancefloor, but for the livingroom. This is one of the first finished project Twan and I did. So when you hear this, you should consider we were just starting out. The fun we had in the studio, recording a papersnare and the writing on the wall ;)

The release will be available on the 23rd of august on savoirrecords.bandcamp.com, my own store. A week later, 30 of august, Itunes, Beatport and such will follow. But you should definitly swing by my store, because if you by directly from me, you’ll get more Karma ;), because the money will be shared and invested in the label, as i hope to grow someday.

Others artists are Qindek, Examine, Jarno, Thomas Laurén, Dean High, Oldie and more. I feel blessed to present such an versatile compilation with all good friends and producers.
Please check out the first track on this compilation.


Dean High ft Jay Bordeaux – Spaceballoon (The remixes)

Today, Savoir 9th released hit the digital shelves. Dean High created spaceballoon 4 years ago and released his Lovespace EP via nalden’s blog.
I was so impressed by this work, and specially Spaceballoon, luckily i got the chance to remix his track. Tom Trago also remixed spaceballoon, so the idea of an remix EP was born.
Two others producers Dean is friends with, Y’skid & Rawdee also did a remix.

Proud to release this work on my own little label Savoir.
Check it out and if you like, support the artist please by buying the goods.

Available on all major sites.



Savoir Podcast Series

As from today Savoir Records presents Savoir Podcast Series. The first guest is Terje Saether. This producer from Oslo, Norway is known for his storytelling composition. He released on labels like Darkroom dubs, Night Drive Music & ofcourse Savoir Records.

At work? Onyour balcony? Travelling? Just hit the playbutton and enjoy the ride!

Dean High ft. Jay Bordeaux – Spaceballoon (The remixes)


It was 2009 when Dean High released his ‘Lovespace EP’ through the infamous Dutch blog Nalden.net. Throughout the whole world came positive reactions.

3 Years later, Dean came to me asking to do a remix on his track Spaceballoon, and without any hesitation i said yes. Soon after i finished the remix, the idea of an re-release came to mind, because two other friends of him created remixes; Y’skid and Rawdee. Tom Trago allready released his interpretation of Spaceballoon on his album ‘Iris’ on that moment. But the time seems right to re-release this classic, strong and timeless gem. Because that’s what Savoir Records stands for, timeless quality  electronic music. Y’skid and Rawdee created their own with the samples and all in all the whole package comes out beautiful.   

Savoir Records dares you to listen once more to this record, so you may find out why it is i decided to re-release this beautiful music.

From the 3rd of may ‘Spaceballoon’ is available on all major downloadshops and spotify.


01 Spaceballoon (Original mix)

02 Thomas Lauren remix

03 Y’skid remix

04 Tom Trago remix

05 Rawdee remix

Covergirl:  Vajra Gouvernante