Thomas Laurén – You Wouldn’t [TEAMOne]

Thomas Laurén - You Wouldn't

First single tracker; – You Wouldn’t – of this year from TEAMOne is coming from Dutchman Thomas Lauren.

‘’You wouldn’t’’ brings tickle on your ears and as well as your breathe by its strong and driving bass line along with deep acid techno influenced sneaky splendid beats. Find out more : download this single- tracker head cracker.

Catalogue No: TEAMone004
Release Date: released
Format: Digital on Beatport


Dean High ft. Jay Bordeaux – Spaceballoon (The remixes)


It was 2009 when Dean High released his ‘Lovespace EP’ through the infamous Dutch blog Throughout the whole world came positive reactions.

3 Years later, Dean came to me asking to do a remix on his track Spaceballoon, and without any hesitation i said yes. Soon after i finished the remix, the idea of an re-release came to mind, because two other friends of him created remixes; Y’skid and Rawdee. Tom Trago allready released his interpretation of Spaceballoon on his album ‘Iris’ on that moment. But the time seems right to re-release this classic, strong and timeless gem. Because that’s what Savoir Records stands for, timeless quality  electronic music. Y’skid and Rawdee created their own with the samples and all in all the whole package comes out beautiful.   

Savoir Records dares you to listen once more to this record, so you may find out why it is i decided to re-release this beautiful music.

From the 3rd of may ‘Spaceballoon’ is available on all major downloadshops and spotify.


01 Spaceballoon (Original mix)

02 Thomas Lauren remix

03 Y’skid remix

04 Tom Trago remix

05 Rawdee remix

Covergirl:  Vajra Gouvernante

Bizet Reactions – All I Want


Bizet Reactions; their first release ever. A special moment for every new act. And it’s vinyl what we’re talking about. Savoir Records is taking it’s next step in the business of serious and shares with you a bucketload of good and honest electronic music. The fairly slow, but energetic ‘All I Want’ is characterized by it’s groovy bassline and a vocal that spreads the basic need of every human. ‘Kings of Indulgement’ is a highly surprising track, that sketches the need to move every bitch on the way to the dancefloor.

01 all i want

02 ion ludwig remix

03 kings of indulgement

04 venthom remix

05 radion remix

06 vincent leijen remix

07 estroe remix

Exhale Tempus

Exhale Tempus Front

C l i c k   t o   D o w n l o a d   A l b u m

E  x  h  a  l  e     T  e  m  p  u  s

Post Amor
Exhale Tempus
Love’s Acceptance
While My Closet Is Burning
Space Invader
Forsaken Glory
Gentle Shift
Wake Up

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.   –William Shakespeare-

Exhale Tempus, the title of this album. The inspiration of this title came from the book ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle.  Some years ago, I noticed time was something that brought some kind of pressure with it. Achievements and time are two strong parts of life in a western society. When combined, they can be very destructive. By not achieving things, or when you have too much or little time on hands, they can be valued in a wrong way. The reality in the today’s western society is that many people have problems with this. And it has a huge impact on how we spent the time we have given.

After my first love, I had to make choices and felt that I had to move into other directions. I had to re-define life and love, what they meant to me and how to accept them. I moved to Berlin and looked back in the past and noticed how some things that I used to have or do, disappeared. This journey took me through different layers of life. My learning’s about spiritual connections, consciousness and the power of the moment throughout were a wake up call. This album represents the process I’ve been through, and this I want to share this with you.

The reason this album is for free is fairly simple. In the 60’s the government tried to control radio. The reaction  was piracy. Now, big companies are trying to control our consuming behaviour. But what they didn’t expect was evolution. The evolution of our ego. We do not  want things for ourselves any longer, we want to share them. This is the reason that this album is free and available for everyone.

So, for you.



All this did not commenced if the following persons were not a part of this process;

My parents, Willem & Wendy, and my sisters, Marlot, Fleur & Anneleyn. Darko Esser, Nuno Dos Santos, Patrice Baumel, Alexander Koning & Lennert Bezemer for their support & believe. Mark Jenster, Marcus Sebastian & Ruben Lansink for being true friends. Suus, for her love and accepting me for who I am. Rebecca Salvadori, for the love, inspiration, deep conversations and wicked videos! Ruth, Christiaan, Wil & Geke van Uden. The Good Guyz. Roy Avni for his advice and support, may he rest in peace. Paul Hazendonk, Koos Ludwig, Anna Eleanora, Chris Wittkampf, Kim Cristiaans, Louis Bordeaux, Dean High, Jonathan Tan, Twan Sallaerts, Jorn Liefdeshuis, Eva Schaap, Cristoph Voorn, Mathijs Schippers, Wouter Schenk and Jonathan Jansen. And all those i have encountered during the process of trying to get to know myself and my music.



For the third year in a row Manual Music will end the year with the highly acclaimed Manualism compilation. It might just be the best episode in the Manualism series up to date! Manualism 3.0 features more tracks then before: 16 in total, mainly done by the labels’ familiar faces but also introducing some fresh talents.

Fall Down Under


We are very proud to present the first various artist album on Manual Music! Presenting 12 tracks from a great variety of talented producers from various countries. Combining known names such as Francesco Pico (Global Underground), Giorgos Gatzigristos (Kompakt) and Martin Skogehall (Mezzotinto) with the Manual Music resident artists and some fresh new talents I think you’ll agree with us this is a really nice release indeed!

Terje Saether – Flat World


After a short period of absence, here we are again. Just before the summer, to drop that Savoir Bomb. The artist who delivers this fine piece of Scandinavian housemusic is, once again, our dedicated Savoir member Terje Saether !

Just like our previous releases, it’s the atmosphere that counts, and Terje leads the way with his beautiful ‘Wind Chaser’ & ‘Flat World’.

On the remix duties are newcomer Jarno & Savoir Records owner Thomas Lauren. Jarno stunned us here at Savoir HQ with his Wolfskuil Records (Sleepless) & Rush Hour (Memories) releases. If you haven’t heard of him yet, be sure to check his releases ! The remix of Thomas Lauren ties this release together, just like the rug that tied Lebowski’s room !

Day After Day


Thomas Lauren is one of the biggest talents Holland has got the offer at the moment. In his homecountry his star is rising rapidly and if he keeps on dropping massive releases like ‘Day After Day EP’, it’s only a matter of time before the international recognition will follow! The title track is a smooth repetative melodic track which slowly but surely builds up, untill you can’t get it out of your head anymore. True deep house music as it was supposed to be! Milestone turns it u melodic are the key words for this one. Essential remixes included by Nuno Dos Santos (Compost Black) and Giorgos Gatizgristos (Kompakt / K2)!

Elevated Morning


Savoir’s 50% Headhoncho Thomas Laurén, has finished yet another subtle deep mover.
With “Elevated Morning EP”, Thomas sets his mood for the early hours. It’s an answer to Thomas’s Savoir debut (Undefined Night EP).

Elevated Morning layers track on track, with a bumpy bassline that combines a minimalistic and deeper approach. It’s definitly something else!

Guide to Banyan is a track that clearly has it’s inspiration from some other parts of the world. An organic catchy and techy groove, with an oriental vocal.

Undefined Night

Savoir Records Logo
Undefined Night has a warm percolating drive and uses some additional vocal
work. It suites the early hour work, or you can warm up any crowd with this
Unwind Mistake brings you a little back in time, because of the tempting
combination between rhodes and bass. This little piece of work can move any
crowd, physical en mental.