Bizet Reactions Live @ 8Bahn 5yrs

Bizet Reactions will perform live for the fourth time. On november the 24th, together with Colors frontman Cinnaman & Paul Woolford (Planet E, Hotflush), we will perform  live during 8Bahn 5yrs anniversary.

I can describe the feeling i’ve got when invited back for 8bahn as delighted. On 8bahn Festival we’ve performed for the first time for them and now they invited us back for an indoor party. How brilliant?! If you havent seen or heared any footage of Bizet yet, besides from being an idiot, you should definitly come by because we’re gonna make you party harder! See the footage!

We are now busy with the setlist, and see what our maincourse for you guys will be. But one thing we can guarantee; we’re gonna rock your socks off!!


Looking forward!