Exhale Tempus

Exhale Tempus Front

C l i c k   t o   D o w n l o a d   A l b u m

E  x  h  a  l  e     T  e  m  p  u  s

Post Amor
Exhale Tempus
Love’s Acceptance
While My Closet Is Burning
Space Invader
Forsaken Glory
Gentle Shift
Wake Up

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.   –William Shakespeare-

Exhale Tempus, the title of this album. The inspiration of this title came from the book ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle.  Some years ago, I noticed time was something that brought some kind of pressure with it. Achievements and time are two strong parts of life in a western society. When combined, they can be very destructive. By not achieving things, or when you have too much or little time on hands, they can be valued in a wrong way. The reality in the today’s western society is that many people have problems with this. And it has a huge impact on how we spent the time we have given.

After my first love, I had to make choices and felt that I had to move into other directions. I had to re-define life and love, what they meant to me and how to accept them. I moved to Berlin and looked back in the past and noticed how some things that I used to have or do, disappeared. This journey took me through different layers of life. My learning’s about spiritual connections, consciousness and the power of the moment throughout were a wake up call. This album represents the process I’ve been through, and this I want to share this with you.

The reason this album is for free is fairly simple. In the 60’s the government tried to control radio. The reaction  was piracy. Now, big companies are trying to control our consuming behaviour. But what they didn’t expect was evolution. The evolution of our ego. We do not  want things for ourselves any longer, we want to share them. This is the reason that this album is free and available for everyone.

So, for you.



All this did not commenced if the following persons were not a part of this process;

My parents, Willem & Wendy, and my sisters, Marlot, Fleur & Anneleyn. Darko Esser, Nuno Dos Santos, Patrice Baumel, Alexander Koning & Lennert Bezemer for their support & believe. Mark Jenster, Marcus Sebastian & Ruben Lansink for being true friends. Suus, for her love and accepting me for who I am. Rebecca Salvadori, for the love, inspiration, deep conversations and wicked videos! Ruth, Christiaan, Wil & Geke van Uden. The Good Guyz. Roy Avni for his advice and support, may he rest in peace. Paul Hazendonk, Koos Ludwig, Anna Eleanora, Chris Wittkampf, Kim Cristiaans, Louis Bordeaux, Dean High, Jonathan Tan, Twan Sallaerts, Jorn Liefdeshuis, Eva Schaap, Cristoph Voorn, Mathijs Schippers, Wouter Schenk and Jonathan Jansen. And all those i have encountered during the process of trying to get to know myself and my music.