Terje Saether – Flat World


After a short period of absence, here we are again. Just before the summer, to drop that Savoir Bomb. The artist who delivers this fine piece of Scandinavian housemusic is, once again, our dedicated Savoir member Terje Saether !

Just like our previous releases, it’s the atmosphere that counts, and Terje leads the way with his beautiful ‘Wind Chaser’ & ‘Flat World’.

On the remix duties are newcomer Jarno & Savoir Records owner Thomas Lauren. Jarno stunned us here at Savoir HQ with his Wolfskuil Records (Sleepless) & Rush Hour (Memories) releases. If you haven’t heard of him yet, be sure to check his releases ! The remix of Thomas Lauren ties this release together, just like the rug that tied Lebowski’s room !

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