New Track

There is only one love.

My good friend Dimitris celebrates his birthday today. As a gift i gave him this track for one of his youtube channels. Exclusive on his Youtube channel ‘The Avantgardenz’

Hope you like it.

Happy Birthday Dimitris!

Bizet Reactions – All I Want


Bizet Reactions; their first release ever. A special moment for every new act. And it’s vinyl what we’re talking about. Savoir Records is taking it’s next step in the business of serious and shares with you a bucketload of good and honest electronic music. The fairly slow, but energetic ‘All I Want’ is characterized by it’s groovy bassline and a vocal that spreads the basic need of every human. ‘Kings of Indulgement’ is a highly surprising track, that sketches the need to move every bitch on the way to the dancefloor.

01 all i want

02 ion ludwig remix

03 kings of indulgement

04 venthom remix

05 radion remix

06 vincent leijen remix

07 estroe remix

Bizet Tunage!

Now, as you might know, together with magical journey Twan Sallaerts, Bizet Reactions is upon us. On my own Savoir Records, the first release is presented, for you to listen and enjoy.
Please take a few minutes, sit back and hear this new music. Because i know it’s worth your time.
Follow these links.. It’s almost to easy.

A1 Bizet Reactions – All I Want (Original mix) [128 kbit preview] by Savoir Records

B1 Bizet Reactions – Kings Of Indulgement (Original mix) by Savoir Records

A2 Bizet Reactions – All I Want (Ion Ludwig remix) by Savoir Records

Extend Life Video Remix.

Djeez, Rebecca Salvadori just cannot stop with making cool videos. Once, she made a unofficial edit for Extend Life. Now she remixed that video, into a more sophisticated, lynch like video. 3D-4D, whatever. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Due to not having Vimeo embedded, please visit this vimeo site for the video.